The Amethyst of the Amazon


We are the only supplier

Wide Range of Color

Ethically Sourced

We work side by side with specialized geologists and engineers, so that we can enhance each step of extraction, prioritizing the safety of our employees and protecting the environment.

We perform reforestation projects on our own in degraded areas near the mine site, where it was previously used as livestock grazing.

In this way we can reconstruct the natural flora prioritizing the native species of the region.

About The Mine

Trapiche Amethyst mining is located in Brazil, Amazon region. It is a family business that seeks to make a difference in the stone market, Which has been working to show this rare Amethyst to the world since 2016.

All the extraction is done in the open sky, which allows a broad view of the richness and diversity of mineral formations present in the same spot, where it was found at least eight stone types, with unique and intense zoning and colorations. Among those, some stand out more than others, for instance, trapiche, which is about a color zoning characterized by a six-pointed radial type, which in rarer cases form a perfect star.


For this formation diversity happens, it is necessary a great minerals and elements formation on site, consequently, in the stone. And that is found in mineral Amethysts Trapiche analyzes, where a variation was found of up to 24 elements and minerals present in periodic table, which has been 21 of those elemens in Only one sample of amethyst.